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  2. eBay - Wikipedia


    eBay is used by individuals, companies, as well as governments to purchase and sell almost any legal, non-controversial item. eBay's auctions use a Vickrey auction (sealed-bid) proxy bid system. Buyers and sellers may rate and review each other after each transaction, resulting in a reputation system.

  3. Online auction - Wikipedia


    An online auction (also electronic auction, e-auction, virtual auction, or eAuction) is an auction held over the internet and accessed by internet connected devices. Similar to in-person auctions, online auctions come in a variety of types, with different bidding and selling rules.

  4. List of acquisitions by eBay - Wikipedia


    The majority of companies acquired by eBay are based in the United States. Most of the acquired companies are related to online auctions.

  5. Everyone gets five free auctions a month on eBay ... - AOL


    The recession is killing off impulse shopping, eBay's sales dwindled by 16% since last year, and something must be done about it. So the popular auction website is giving away free access to the ...

  6. Celebs auction off quirky items on eBay to help strike-hit ...


    Others memed about fake auction items like falling asleep on a FaceTime call with Daniel Kaluuya or partaking in a staring contest with Cillian Murphy. So far, most of the real eBay listings have ...

  7. Pierre Omidyar - Wikipedia


    He created a simple prototype on his web page. On Labor Day, Monday, September 4, 1995, he launched an online service called Auction Web, which would eventually be developed as the auction site eBay. The service was originally one of several items on Omidyar's website eBay.com.

  8. uBid - Wikipedia


    www .ubid .com. uBid.com was an online auction style and fixed-price shopping website offering goods sold directly by the company and items sold by pre-approved third party uBid-certified merchants. The site specialized in excess new, refurbished and overstock consumer electronics such as computers, electronics, home goods, jewelry, watches and ...

  9. What's your Beanie Baby worth? - AOL


    Step 4: Current auction price Consult a Beanie Babies price guide book, magazine, or online catalog to determine a rough idea of the toy's value. Step 5: Conduct an advanced search

  10. Catawiki - Wikipedia


    Catawiki is an online auction platform for buying and selling special items and collectibles. Catawiki was founded in 2008 as an online community for collectors. Since 2011, the company has been hosting weekly online auctions, in various categories such as vintage comic books, model trains, coins, watches, art, jewellery and classic cars.

  11. Unusual eBay listings - Wikipedia


    Many unusual items have been listed for sale on the auction website eBay. Some sold while other auctions were stopped by eBay because the listing breached their policies.